Rape, Murder, It's Just a Shot Away


Another day, another bitch gets what's coming to her ... - WonketteA couple of mysterious 911 calls to Las Vegas police -- all apparently made from the bathroom of a Starbucks on Paradise Road by a terrified drunk gal -- have suddenly derailed Congressman Jim Gibbons and his campaign to be Nevada's next governor.

The story is changing so quick we can't even get a timeline in order, so let's just randomly toss together some of the filthier details, after the jump.

* Casino waitress (or interior designer?) invited to join drinking party with Gibbons and some other gals at McCormick & Schmick's, one of those upscale-chain seafood & steak joints at Paradise and Flamingo.

* Restaurant staff says the drunken party becomes "flirty."

* Something happens, she makes three 911 calls over 45 minutes, claiming assault and the threat of rape. Also, she's drunk.

* She mysteriously refuses to file charges at the last minute, and 24 hours later completely recants her entire story, sounding like she fears the old Bugsy Siegel Goodbye.

* Gibbons' ever-changing claims are also totally different from what he told the cops and what's on the 911 recordings.

* Security cameras should have captured lots of interesting footage.

* Actual quote from her third 911 call: "I told him I survived cancer 11 years and I, someone assaults me ... I don't care about rape I care about survival and he says 'survival ain't going to do your problem a bit,' so you'll see this stuff on camera if they have a camera." We're not sure what it means, other than that Republican congressman and Nevada gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibbons allegedly threatened to rape and murder some drunken gal he picked up in Vegas.

* Hilariously, Gibbons told the gal his marriage was "boring" and his hotel was so close that they could "crawl to it." Gibbons' wife, Dawn Gibbons, is running for the congressional seat he's abandoning to run for governor.

* PS, we mean she was running for his District 2 seat -- pretty much all of Nevada north of Vegas/Clark County -- because she came in third in the GOP primary. Even more hilariously, that is Wonkette's guest editor's district.

* Gibbons was leading Democrat rival Dina Titus by nine five points. If she can avoid threatening to rape and kill people between now and Election Day, chances are she's the next governor.

Many, many Gibbons' posts [Las Vegas Gleaner]


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