Rapey Priests Don't Like Touching Children Who Take Raid® Baths Before Church


  • Support Pam Gorman for Congress because she bled for you and woah, if you act like you don't care that someone just bled all over the place so that you could have freedom, well, that's just bad juju right there. [RedState]

  • Oh no, K-Lo will not be finger-banging NRO donors today! Bad juju indeed. [The Corner]

  • This video encourages parents to mutilate their children with insecticide in order to repel rapey Catholic priests. (This is a good idea.) [The Daily Dish]

  • Baseball umpires need to nad-up and end games on time because Americans have tight teevee schedules and they can't afford to miss another episode of Lost or whatever. [Reason]

  • The Internet has called Barack Obama many names, mostly bad names really, but "college student" is by far the most derogatory and hurtful and will somebody please fax this hate to the Wiesenthal Center immediately? [Intern Riley: True/Slant]


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