Ben, you're always running here and there Fears of a massive rat & roach spring swarm have crippled much of the District this evening as horrified office workers and other war profiteers watch major thoroughfares blocked off by mounted police while 20-foot-tall "rat proofing" concrete barriers are raised from Georgetown to Foggy Bottom. Law enforcement officials are keeping quiet about the real reasons for the horror stampede, and many locals fear for their lives. What the living hell is going on?

Experts say the real Happy Fifth Birthday of John McCain/Dick Cheney's Failed War In Iraq is tomorrow, March 19. And guess what sort of people have been planning something special for this date?


Paultards + Libtards.

Paultards + Libtards plus the ones who ride their bicycles together and holler at the street lights and rage against the machines.

We'll have a full, terrible, detailed preview of all the shit that's coming up tomorrow. So keep hitting refresh, frantically, while we finish up that thing. And if you have a lot of temps at your office, or if you teach at one of D.C.'s universities, might as well just stay home tomorrow, unless you enjoy being alone all day while riot cops tear-gas the Code Pink gals outside and prevent you from even walking out to get a sandwich.

Antiwar Protests Mark Iraq War Anniversary in D.C. [Washington Post]

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Seattle People, looking spunky. We hate spunky.

It is Friday, Yr Wonkette's back end (that's website talk) has been cranky all afternoon like a digital babby that needs a nap, and we are all stuck in the stupidest timeline. The one way we know it's not actually hell is that there are still adorable doggies and kitties and sloths, no to mention toddlers preschoolers named Donna Rose, and of course you, you lovely wonderful readers of ourn. And if you're in Eastern Washington or its environs, you can come out to meet Yr Editrix, Yr Shypixel, and Yr one day Benevolent Monarch Donna Rose come this Sunday in the Evergreen State's second-largest city, Spokane!

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