Reader Mail: A Tall Order

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Make me laugh today

Do something funny about Karl Rove's hairdo. Is there a name for it? Or talk about Lee Raymond, the CEO of ExxxonMobil and perhaps the ugliest man alive. Was he in Batman? I wish that someone had made up some masks of him prior to Halloween. Then I could go as the"most heartless, greedy CEO in world history--who just looks like they accidently spilled acid all over their face". That would've been a great costume.


Or tell me a joke that you've heard from a reliable source that Frist is really gassy and that interns are always making fun of him behind is back, calling him "Pootin' Frist" and "Dr. Farts-A-Lot". Say you heard it from a former hill staffer.


Please doing something juvenile to make my day...thank you in advance.

Why do the hard work when someone else can?

Oh, and it's called the "Ball Fuzz."



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