Reading Between the Hynes

pathynes.jpgWashington - and by "Washington," I mean "some guys who keep e-mailing us" - can't get enough of super-consultant Patrick Hynes. After we noted that the Ankle Biting Pundits blogger had a contract with John McCain's PAC that he failed to disclose while posting supportive guff about the angry Arizonan, tips flowed in from (we assume) Hynes' bitter arch-enemies. We can't vouch for the authenticity of this stuff, but it's probably good to get it all out in public so Hynes can disclose everything and put it behind him. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a blogger having multiple clients in politics and business and blogging to promote them or connecting them with other bloggers. As long, of course, as it's all disclosed.

Plus, Howard Dean paid us to do it.

Mysterious e-mail tips below the fold.

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-- David Weigel

1) The "colleague" that Hynes talked about to National Review must be Mike Dennehy -- Senior McCain national consultant, ran the 2000 NH primary win for McCain and a long time friend of Hynes.


If Hynes is so passionate about things on his blog, he must have also have other passions. Check out his other "hobby." Where do the anti-cable tv rants come from? That is self-explanatory from a donor perspective, but check out the principals in Hynes' firm -- Hynes and they all work ELSEWHERE. Dough/clients probably stream from there.


Ownership stream in New Strategics: Paul Young is former NH Primary Chairman for Steve Forbes & Jack Kemp. Lots of corporate contacts.


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