Reading Wonkette May Induce Nausea

Reading Wonkette May Induce Nausea

Hey, it's been a while since we did one of these things, right? So. It turns out that, when you get a reader e-mail that begins with "Here's a tip," what follows isnever an actual tip. It is just some (thankfully) brief rant from a person who spends their free time yelling at telemarketers and calling up CSPAN to complain about how the Obama administration treats veterans worse than homosexuals and pedophiles.

From: Ad

To: tips

Subject: None

Here's a tip: stop being a smarmy leftist cunt. Reading your perky salon-sarcasm just made me vomit a little in my mouth.

Ha ha ha reading about how you "vomited in your mouth" makes a person tempted to blow "coffee out of their nose" on account of all the laughing, so now "you owe us a new keyboard/monitor."

Now this next one comes from a smarmy leftist member of the Language Police who has a polite request about abortion-related terminology:

From: A

To: jim, sara

Subject: Pro-life

Dear Editors,

Sarah Palin:

"...the most attractive female pro-life Republican governor available to give the McCain ticket some 'juice' "

"Anti-abortion" would be so much more accurate then "pro-life."



Jesus fucking christ.


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