Ready The FEMA Camps: Obama Coming For Your Rascal So You Can't Run Or Hide


They tried to warn us. "Government out of my Medicare!" they said. "Something about socialized medicine and Dr. Mengele," said they. But did we listen? Or did we just howl with laughter? WELL NO ONE'S LAUGHING NOW, BUDDY. And that is because Barack Hussein Nobumer hascriminalized being old, in the form of raiding The Scooter Store for massive amounts of Medicare fraud, and now he is going to death panel all of you, right quick!

Why do we never listen to Sarah Palin's gentle murmurs? WHYYYYYY????

Approximately 150 federal and state law enforcement agents launched a massive raid on one of the biggest perpetrators of government fraud in America: The Scooter Store. Yes, that's right. The nation's largest provider of single-person electric vehicles and power chairs is the target of a federal investigation, probably because many of the people who ride around their "personal mobility devices" don't actually need them.

In January, CBS This Morning ran a cutting exposé on the company, detailing how it "railroads" doctors into prescribing the chair for their patients, most of whom are on Medicare or Medicaid. That way they can bill the government for their highly dubious medical device, while the patient gets a cool new scooter without paying for it, and The Scooter Store makes a nice profit. Doctors and former employees told CBS that the company would harass physicians with non-stop phone calls and offices drop-ins in order to wear them down. The company even has a special department devoted to getting chairs for patients who had already been ruled ineligible by Medicare. No doubt the pressure comes because their ads guarantee that the chair will be free if they can't get you qualified.

Well, that's all well and good, how the Communist in Chief is criminalizing capitalism, and just what we would expect. We would not expect, though, this weird addendum to the story, which appeared in the Atlantic Wire:

Unfortunately, the FBI won't be going after the handful of customers who know they don't need a scooter or wheelchair, but still want the government to buy them one. Sort of like the people at airports who experience "wheelchair miracles" leaping up and running to their gate after an airport employee has helpfully pushed them most of the way. Officials at Los Angeles International Airport estimate that 15 percent of the people who request wheelchair assistance are faking it, because they want to skip lines and get on board their flights faster. We're sure most Scooter Store customers are unhealthy people, innocently going along with the company's promises of getting out of the house more, but the disability fakers are the real criminals if you ask us.

Really, Atlantic Wire? Somebody who says yes to a free thing is the real criminal, not the people responsible for perpetrating -- in your words -- "one of the biggest perpetrators of government fraud in America"? Because you saw a person at LAX gaming the security line? Did they have an Obamaphone too, and an EBT card with which they were buying champagne and foie gras?

Atlantic Wire: The New Slate! Congratulations, Atlantic Wire. Big ups!


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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