Reagan Diaries Sadly Not a Hoax

The Reagan diaries present a grim picture of America's favorite brain-addled idiotic old fool, a man who never seems to realize that he's actually president.

"I miss Mommie. She called from Fla. -- will be home tomorrow nite."

Or this, while on a 1986 visit to Tokyo without her: "Another fabulous suite at Hotel Okura -- actually a penthouse.... Dinner alone in my suite. I'll be glad when Nancy joins me. CNN has an English language channel in Japan. I ate dinner watching 'The A Team' & 'Hart to Hart'.... "

As corrupt ideologues ran the nation from his cabinet and destroyed far-away corners of the world in the name of "saving" them from communism, Reagan chuckled along with the hijinks of B.A. "Bad Attitude" Baracus and "Mad Dog" Murdock in a Japanese penthouse. This is why Americans still consistently rank him higher in polls than everyone but Jesus and Santa Claus.

In honor of the publication of the Reagan diaries, ten thousand more things are to be named after him.

The pure Reagan emerges from diaries [LAT]


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