Reagan Diary: 'Let's Bust Rev. Moon Out of Prison For New Year's!'

We are about this close to actually buying and reading the Reagan Diaries book, because everything we've heard so far is 100% crazy. The latest:

"Senator Hatch is after me to grant clemency to the Rev. Moon," Reagan wrote in a Dec. 24, 1984, entry. "I've explored this & find I just can't. I have, however taken action to see if I can grant him a furlough over New Years. It seems that day is the holiest in that religion."
Uhh ... why was Orrin Hatch (famous Mormon) going to bat for Rev. Sun Myung Moon (infamous nut who thinks he's God)? Because everybody is basically a Scientologist!

So if you're ever a billionaire who thinks he's God and in federal prison for conspiracy and tax evasion, in the future, just get Senator Romney to call President (Jenna) Bush and they'll take care of everything.

Reagan: Sorry, Orrin, no pardon for Moon [I Approve This Messiah]

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