Real Stories Of Called-Off Weddings! Tabs., Thurs., June 11, 2020

Real Stories Of Called-Off Weddings! Tabs., Thurs., June 11, 2020
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Wowwwww. If you have any Daily Beast clicks left at all this month, use one on this: Dirty cop in Houston claimed George Floyd tried to sell him cocaine; Floyd did 10 months. Last year, the Houston DA sent a letter to Floyd's last-known address there (his late mother's home) explaining the cop had been arrested for setting up fake warrants — he was then charged with murder for the deaths of two people (and their fucking dog) in a raid he set up. The Houston DA wants to clear everyone he ever arrested. (Daily Beast)

Stole from Politico email thingie:

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "This day is picturesque. It would be a day to go jogging if you were Ahmaud Arbery. To ride a bike if you were Freddie Gray. To read a book if you were Keith Scott. To cash a check if you were Yvonne Smallwood. To rest if you were Breonna Taylor. To shop for auto parts if you were Walter Scott. To be 10 years old if you were Clifford Glover. To breathe if you were Eric Garner." Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager before lawmakers knelt on the Capitol steps for eight minutes and 46 seconds to mark George Floyd's death.

Oh, of course it was pouring rain, how did I not know that automagically?

Ways the quarantine might have changed us for the better. — Vox

Yes, coronavirus hospitalizations are rising "sharply." Sorry we've been neglecting it; there's been a fucking lot going on! (Washington Post)

Why it's so hard to get unemployment

What this ER doctor would consider doing — and absolutely won't — as states open back up, and how to think through the risks. Interesting piece. — Slate

And how to hug. (New York Times)

All right all right, shadoobie.

It's Toxic Racism #MeToo time for the dudebro editors, like the just resigned Conde Nast guy who ran Bon Appetit. — Business Insider

CNN wants the Trump campaign to know someone is signing its name to stupid letters. (CNN)

You have got to be fucking kidding me. Trump will make his triumphant return to the Klan rally stage in Tulsa. On Juneteenth. — AP

Probably don't even click the hunting bans Trump just rolled back. Just go on to the next tab. — Washington Post

The real life story of El Negro Matapacos, the heroic Chilean protest dog who hated cops. (One Time I Dreamt tumblr)

Today is my daughter Donna Rose's fifth birthday. FIVE. By which I mean, of course, THIRTY-SEVEN. Not only am I taking a personal day, I'm already gone.

Let's remember:

Fuck it, can't choose, here you go, and these, and these, love you, bye.

Throw money on my family. I SAID GOODBYE.

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