Real World Real Reporting

So we've heard from a few people who, with varying levels of confidence, say that the space above Maggie Moo's in Adams Morgan is not the new home of the lifestyle porn reality series "The Real World." Best explanation comes from someone ("a producer at MTV," we hear) who posted this at Blah, Blah Black Sheep:

Absolutely 100% false about the RW House. We're getting lots of calls about it -- esp from the Washington Post who feel like they were scooped. It's not going to be a REAL WORLD house. Maybe another reality show, but not TRW.
Isn't that cute how the Posties "call" people to make sure things are "true"? (No wonder they thought they were scooped!) We love that about Leiby. It's why everything's so boring over there, but it's really, really cute.

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