Reason #418 Jobs Are For Suckers


OK, so Wonkette's legal eagle has long left us in the lurch, but we still keep an eye on the federal judiciary now and then. That's why the headline "Court: Porn at work not private" struck fear into our very souls.

Sure, the case involves child porn, which is obviously bad, but the court carved out no exception for good healthy grown-up porn. And if you can't keep pixelated MPEGs of 19-year-olds doing sexy, sexy things to one another in a folder labeled "work stuff" on the hard drive of a laptop owned by your employer, then as far as we're concerned you might as well be living in North Korea, wearing a jumpsuit and trying desperately to write another poem in honor of the Dear Leader and figuring out how to extract nutrition out of bark.

Um, anyway, the funniest thing in that story is the following sentence:

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals based in San Francisco cited similar past cases and found that even if some people lament the lack of privacy at work, the law was against Ziegler [the defendant].

So, the fact that some people complain about something doesn't automatically change the law to accommodate their complaints? And we need judges to tell us this?

No, the only way to change the law is through legislative action. And if there's one thing that the last decade has shown, American Christians are one of the most vocal and politically active constituencies out there. And according to a survey from, "the world's most visited Christian website," 50 percent of Christian men and 20 percent of Christian women are addicted to pornography. Do I have to draw you people a diagram?

(By the way, if you don't know who Carl Monday is or why he's watching you masturbate, you obviously don't follow our sports-obsessed sister Deadspin. Start here and then work your way back from here.)

Court rules against man in porn-at-work case (Reuters via MSNBC)

ChristiaNet Poll Finds That Evangelicals Are Addicted to Porn (MarketWire)


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