Reason Mag's Holiday Party Was [Clever Play on "Reason"]


ahh, sweet god-free oxygenLibertarian super-chic magazine Reason held its "Secular Christmas" party in DC last night, and Team Wonkette was all over that shit. Among the many (one) super celebrity guests was Christopher Hitchens, whose alcohol tummy shone in full force as he led a sing along to a secular version of the already-secular "Deck the Halls" carol. Then he left before we could say hi, totally lame, screw that guy. But editor Nick Gillespie -- who I think I've called a Paultard a few times -- was kindly, and we thank him for the several bottles of Yellow Tail shiraz that we chugged. Anyway, masterful chronicler of the Human Condition Liz Gorman was on the scene to take some photos, so check them out if you want to live. [Pictures of this event]


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