Recalled AZ Bigot Lawmaker Staying Busy Telling Awkward Scrotum Jokes


There are only two things that GOP state politicians in Arizona are allowed to discuss and/or think about: Hunting Mexicans on the one hand, and Another Dude's Genitals, on the other. If Paul Babeu wasn't enough to support this theory, former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce -- the crazed wingnut responsible for the state's anti-brown people law who was recently recalled for being too insane even for Arizona -- is now devoting his spare time to working out stand-up routines about, yes, testicles. So tell us, Russell Pearce, how do you segue from the setup, "the minister in church was giving a sermon on gratitude" to a joke about an ATV crash that ends with some guy's nutsack being crushed?

Eh, you don't, is perhaps the lesson here. His awkward joke was met with total silence from the audience. In case you don't want to watch the video, the punchline of his joke is "ha ha, the word 'sternum' starts with the same letter as the word 'scrotum!'"

Bonus lesson: there is always a way to free-associate sadistic Republican ball-torture fantasies with everything, using even just the alphabet, if you think about it, ahem, hard enough. Is that not hilarious? Okay, okay. "Anyway, I love this country," he finally says to some tepid applause. [TPM]


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