Recess of Fire

* There's a lot of shit Valerie Plame can't say in her book because it's classified, you know, for her own safety. [NYT]

* The National Archives might not have access to White House political staffers email, but certainly the RNC keeps meticulous records of everything and a simple subpoena will take care of tha- oh. Nevermind. [WP]

* We're not at the nutcase convention and that's probably a good thing. Because if we were, and we were told the ins and outs of the Dem's opposition research plan we would post it all over out little website here not keep it secret like all those other blo- oh. Nevermind. [Politico]

* Pretend ethics reform bill is passed through both chambers even though Ted Stevens hates it and employs a completely different model altogether. [NYT]

* Diane Feinstein just can't get enough of Bush's judicial appointees. [The Hill]

* And in news from Bizarro World, the RNC is feeding the world's hungry, healing the world's sick. [WT]

* A mere 70,000 bridges in the United States could collapse at any second and kill all of us. [AP]

* If al Qaeda is going to blow up the Capitol, they probably won't do it during the recess. Just saying. [Roll Call]


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