Most Americans, if given five extra dollars of disposable income, will spend it on either a) upgrading their cable subscription or b) prostitutes. But this makes the prostitution industry terribly vulnerable to fluctuations in their patrons' personal income, which is why one Nevada brothel is looking to expand its offerings. Huzzah, diversification!

Bobbi Davis is looking for male prostitutes to help expand the clientele at the Shady Lady Ranch, her small roadside brothel about 150 miles north of Las Vegas.

"We've had requests for men in the past, and there's nothing else like this out there," she said.

Yeah sure why not! Many Republican males are retiring from Congress in the coming year or two, and they can't all "cover their nut" with Social Security checks and a part-time gig as a Wal-Mart cashier. A fruitful second career awaits servicing other Republican males, in Nevada.

Nev. brothel hopes male prostitutes boost business [AP]


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