Reconstruction is for Pansies

* A whole lot of scary motherfuckers with a whole lot of blood on their hands want John McCain to be the next president. One bat-shit war-crazed old man knows how to spot another. [Wizbang Politics]

* Code Pink gets militant on the military. [Michelle Malkin]

* Mitt is the only true Republican in this race who's not a Republican, who's not a Republican. [Election Central]

* Elizabeth Edwards says Kerry conceded the race too early, which is a real shame because that was, of course, his shining moment. [Political Wire]

* What happens to you after you drunkenly kill the vice president of Iraq's bodyguard and get smuggled out of the country in secret? You go back to work, of course! [TPMmuckraker]

* Oh, come on. There have been much worse presidents! Rutherford B. Hayes for example. That guy fucking sucked. [Redstate]


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