Record Deportations Result In Victory For Traffic Safety

One would think that Barack Obama, illegal Kenyan anchor baby that he is, would have special place in his heart for all the other people who live in this country even though they are not allowed. WRONG! “The Obama administration deported nearly 400,000 people last year – a record – with the number driven up by those tossed out for traffic violations and drunken driving, according to a report on Friday.” Barack Obama loves deporting all the Mexicans, especially the ones who drive around with sinister thoughts and broken headlights.

Bad drivers, drunk drivers, and people who get caught with drugs are top priority for national security! We can’t have clumsy people driving around with a bunch of weed all the time, because that is how terrorism happens.

During the fiscal year that ended in Sept. 30, 393,000 people were deported, and half of those were considered criminals. Of the criminal deportations, 7 percent were based on traffic violations, 23 percent were drug violations and 14 percent were drunken driving violations, according to an analysis by the AP.

President Obama has said that his administration’s enforcement policy seeks to target the “worst of the worst” and not individuals who have come to the country to work, but the large number of people who were deported after having committed minor crimes challenges that idea, the report said.

Administration officials disputed the findings, saying that it is difficult to capture the increase in arrests of dangerous criminals because they are currently in jail in the U.S. and have not been deported, which means they are not reflected in current deportation statistics.

“The more serious offenders are still in prison,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told the AP. “We’re not going to see them reflected in the numbers until we can begin to remove them.”

Eh, let’s keep all the scary murdering ones around. Michele Bachmann might need more body guards at some point. [Politico]


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