RedState Historians Recall Epic 'Battle of Obamaloo'


  • John McCain on John McCain: "I have my own opinions on most issues now." [Think Progress]

  • Jim "The Duke of Wellington" DeMint hit the nail on the head, with his whole Waterloo comment. Even Barack Obama admits that his quest for world domination will likely fail. But which island nation will he be exiled to? Cuba? [RedState]

  • Transparency has never looked so cloudy! [AMERICAblog]

  • It's official: Jon Stewart is the most trusted name in news. Honorable mention to write-in candidate Billy Mays, who was runner-up. [HuffPost]

  • Oh brother! Now Matt is pontificating about "Food Cart Deregulation." But will he reveal how it led to the subprime hot dog crisis? [Matt Yglesias]


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