RedState Makes It Official: Gays Unworthy of Marriage, Due To Gayness


  • Separate but equal is OK for gays because they can't get pregnant at age 16 and then poop out a million more future-criminals on MTV, which is the only measure of a true American marriage. [RedState]

  • The governor of Hawaii can't find Barry Soetero's birth certificate either -- MAYBE BECAUSE IT'S IN KENYA, IDIOT. [Visions2America]

  • Pre-existing conditions are no problem whatsoever, because people with acne PROBABLY won't be denied care. Besides, why didn't they just use Proactiv® like real Americans Katy Perry and Justin Bieber? [Front Page Mag]

  • For some reason, the gays of San Fransisco don't like Republicans -- perhaps because Republicans want to take away all their gay rights? NOPE. [Gay Patriot]

  • Rush Limbaugh SCHOOLED a liberal on his liberal schooling show, which is national news. [FoxNation]


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