RedState Pillages Obama's BlackBerry In Search Of Conspiracy Booty


  • Fancy newspaper columnist Edmund Andrews wrote a book about why you should buy his book so the proceeds of his book can go to paying off his subprime mortgage. AIG gave it a AAA rating, which is why the entire universe has already pre-ordered on Amazon. [Matt Taibbi]
  • Back when Money Czar Henry Paulson ran things, you weren't allowed to leave a "working dinner" until you finished the box of Franzia Merlot that was duct-taped to your stomach. And then there was Timmy Geithner, the prude. [Politico]
  • Barack Obama has a secret caging list he keeps on his BlackBerry, which is used to disenfranchise Dodge Durangos and other Chrysler products. [RedState]
  • A pharmaceutical company has fulfilled an ancient Aztec prophesy -- and a more recent Bill Kristol prediction -- by tragically "sterilizing" marijuana in the form of a not-cool oral spray. [Slate]
  • John Yoo, the microphallus who wrote Abu Ghraib fan fiction for the Bush Administration, has mercilessly broadsided Sonia-Maria Sotomayor with his creative grammar: "credentials do not an excellent justice make." You should be expecting that royalty check in the mail any day now, Yoda. [The Enterprise Blog]

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