RedState Right Clicks, Discovers Magical 'View Source' Feature


  • Feminists are furious at Barack Obama for pledging to eventually withdraw troops from Afghanistan, because what will become of the wildly popular Kabul production of The Vagina Monologues the Marine Corps puts on every year? The show must go on! [Matt Yglesias]
  • Please explain this confusing JavaScript code to RedState. What a headache! [RedState]
  • Think Progress is in need of free strumpets who are willing to wither away in front a computer screen, for free. Are you the One? [ThinkProgress]
  • Bitter divorced fellow demands compensation for his ex-wife's fabulously artificial ta-tas. Is that you , Donald Trump? [Hit & Run]
  • And we quote, "Joe Wilson was right." [Gatway Pundit]

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