Redundant Right Wing Conspiracy

Joe Trippi has an extra-special message for liberal bloggers: Air America's troubles do not stem, in fact, from your typical activist organizational ignorance -- they're part of a vast right-wing conspiracy:

    Many of you are familiar with the lawsuit that Air America filed against MultiCultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. after MultiCultural pulled Air America off the air in Chicago. Air America won a temporary restraining order against MultiCultural, forcing them to put Air America back on the air. . . It turns out there's more to MultiCultural than meets the eye. The CEO Arthur Liu, a Republican supporter, retained the firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher -- a firm that lists Ken Starr and Ted Olsen as its alumni.

    This is a right-wing blackout, and we can't let it happen.

We're with Trippi on this one, actually. Air America should fail because it sucks, not because some shadowy conservative cabal is pulling strings! No fair! The Republicans are cheating!

UPDATE: Some readers have taken issue with our characterization of Air America as sucking. Some would say it blows. But mainly we've heard from angry liberals who argue that Air America is an important dissenting voice in a media dominated by right-wing rumormongers and conservative mouthpieces. This is an excellent point. So we take it back: Air America should not fail because it sucks. Air America should fail under the weight of its humor-crushing earnestness and mammoth hubris, not because some shadowy conservative cabal is pulling strings. The Republicans are still cheating.

Blogs and Progressives Unite -- Sign Up With Air America to Defeat Ken Starr and Ted Olsen [Change for America Blog]


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