"Refusal Clauses" Off Target

Planned Parenthood and other reproductive-rights advocates have been drawing attention to an incident at Target store in Missouri where a pharmacist allegedly refused to fill a prescription for emergency contraception. We're reluctant to pile on here, mostly because we really don't want to give up this adorable Mossimo skirt we got last month. Or the shoes from last week. Or the drapes from yesterday. Also, Target disputes the details of the story. However, no one disputes that Target does allow pharmacists to deny emergency contraception to customers. This is supposedly a bow to pro-lifers, but Dahlia Lithwick pointed out the policy's tragic unintended consequence last April: If you don't give a woman emergency contraception, she becomes pregnant -- and can get an abortion. As Lithwick said: It "would be ironic, were it not so sad."

Revolting pharmacists: Target edition [The Blotter]

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