Rehnquist Rumors Suggest That Blogs Not Always Reliable

The operative who supplied us with the exciting Rehnquist will "retire as AF1 touches down" tip explains what happened: The terrorists have won... the spotlight, that is. Heh. Anyway, according to our operative, Bush did receive word that Rehnquist was retiring (perhaps as Air Force One touched down!), but he (or, you know, whoever actually runs things) wanted focus attention on the event at the British Embassy. The admin wants news this weekend to focus on terrorism and not the court.

We congratulate our operative on his attempt to get us believe him in the future.

Meanwhile, Bill gets catty: "When asked by one reporter Friday if any speculation about his resignation is true, Rehnquist said: 'That's for me to know and you to find out.'" Snap!

D.C. Wonders When Rehnquist Will Go [Fox]

Rehnquist: Fat Lady to Sing? (Sort of Liveblogging) [Wonkette]


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