Reid Still Searching for Leadership Abilities

Does he look a little bewildered to youSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced last night that he was giving up his efforts to pass a so-called overhaul of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) bill before Christmas. The Administration's wiretapping authority expires in February, but between Dodd's supposed willingness to damage his chances at the Presidency to vote against it (you, know, do his actual job as a sitting Senator) and the recalcitrance of other Dems to provide blanket immunity to the phone companies for illegal cooperating in illegally tapping our phones, Reid just couldn't get it done in time to drink some egg nog. So, they'll come back in mid-January, dick around with it until the last possible second and then pass something that doesn't do much to change the status quo, like usual. Aren't we all glad we voted for a change in leadership last time? We got new faces but didn't have to worry about a dizzying change in direction! [Washington Post]


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