Rejected Posts For My Last Day at Wonkette

* The Top 10 Least Corrupt Junior Members of the 110th Congress

* Revealed: The Wonkette-LNS Cross-Promotional Deal!

* The Best Bars in DC For Ensuring That You Will Not Run Into a Single Person Even Vaguely Connected With Politics or Media (crossposted to Gridskipper)

* You Know, That Dana Milbank is Pretty Funny!

* Republicans Who Aren't Gay

* Tucker Carlson's Phone Number

* Quicklink: "We've been sitting on these nude pictures of Dennis Hastert for a while, and today's as good a day as any..."

* Ken Layne's "The Lighter Side of... Modern Living"

* Katherine Harris Is Actually Quite Reasonable and Charming

* Amy Lynn Carter: The Facebook Pictures

* Team Party Crash: Monday Night at The Raven

* You Know, That Matt Cooper is Pretty Funny!


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