Rejoice, White America: KKK Makes a Comeback!

Million Conehead March! - WonketteJust a few months ago, ex-Senator George Allen's love for the Confederacy and outrageous racism seemed almost quaint. Macaca was like a bridge to the mid-19th Century ... with Robert Byrd standing on the other shore, resplendent in his Exalted Cyclops dunce cap and flowing robes.

But the KKK is back and better than ever! Learn how an old worn-out racist movement can "re-brand" itself for a New Era in which the main threat to white Americans is a Mexican guy picking strawberries for $5 an hour ... after the jump.

George Allen was just a weird leftover from an era when blacks served their master by picking cotton, not their country by being president, right? Ha ha, not so much.

But American racism is evolving. While there are more than a million black Americans earning more than $100,000 per year and black politicians have become so mainstream that even Joe Biden is impressed, let's remember that African Americans are a shrinking minority -- thanks to the Reagan Administration's brilliant triple-play of crack, AIDS and the War On Drugs.

The Latino population is booming from New England to the Deep South, while the traditionally Hispanic Southwest is dominated by Mexican-American power brokers like Bill Richardson and Antonio Villaraigosa. George W. Bush has made a semi-secret pact to combine Mexico with the United States and soon all our children will be speaking Spanish from beneath a burqa.

And face it, there's only so much orange-headed faux-populist Lou Dobbs can do by himself.

Meet the new Ku Klux Klan -- now against Mexicans!

According to the Anti-Defamation League (which is probably controlled by The Jews), KKK groups have remarketed themselves as anti (Latino) immigration groups. And they're thriving in suburbs around the country, with booming new memberships in the Great Plains and Mid Atlantic states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Joe Biden's Delaware.

They're also adding members like crazy in Iowa, which should really liven up the primary season.

It's not the first time the KKK has expanded its mission from hating on blacks to hating on immigrants. The Klan hit its membership peak in the 1920s, when the dual invasions of the Irish and the Germans threatened to make America full of Irish and Germans. But the Klan lost that war, too.

Another interesting development are the huge new robes required by today's fat-ass American Klansman. Just look at these people! These robes can also be recycled as circus tents. (Also, Klansmen & Klanswomen, we respectfully ask that you keep the hoods on because y'all ain't too pretty.)

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