Relative Difficulty of Pimping Out Here Increases Yet Again

So Chuck Grassley wants the IRS to audit pimps. He wants them to file wage statements for those under their employ. Which, sure, will maybe catch a couple more pimps, but won't anyone please think of the hoes? We want to withhold payroll taxes from them now?

If the IRS goes after pimps and sex traffickers for tax offenses now, it conducts lengthy audits of their lifestyles in order to estimate their incomes from illegal activities and determine taxes due.

"Lengthy audits of their lifestyles" means listening to Big Daddy Kane's It's a Big Daddy Thing, right? If so, we are conducting a lengthy audit of the pimp lifestyle right now. Conclusion: less easy than predicted.

Senator Wants IRS to Chase After Pimps [SFGate]


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