Trump Channels Dead Transphobic Walt Disney, Declares Self Bigger Than Jesus

He's so modest.

In an interview this week with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Donald Trump shared his hot takes on the supposed "Culture War" that is less of a war these days and more of a series of unsolicited nuclear attacks on peaceful people who were not bothering anyone and were just trying to live their lives and make the world a nicer place for everyone.

During this interview, Brody very seriously asked Trump, a noted Bible expert, if he felt, "like many people," that the "transgender movement" was evil and unbiblical, adding that "a lot of people" say "this is not the way it should be." Trump responded to that question by making up a statistic out of nowhere and sharing Dead Walt Disney's personal thoughts on the issue.

Via CBN:

"That's not the way it should be, that's for sure, it is a terrible thing," he said. "Especially when you're taking children that don't even have this period to form. And you know, in many cases, I hear 60% of the cases, later in life, they say, why did they do this to me? 60%. No, I think it's a terrible thing. I think what's happened with Disney and what Disney's doing, Walt Disney is looking down. He's not happy, Okay? Walt Disney said, 'Whatever happened to my beautiful Magic Kingdom?'"

First of all, Walt Disney died five years before the Magic Kingdom opened. Second, if he's been keeping an eye on things all this time, he's probably not even talking about that. He's probably just mad that they got rid of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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Oh Nothing, Just Kirk Cameron Paraphrasing Hitler In Push For Wholesome Christian Homeschooling

That tracks.

During the pandemic, conservatives screamed and hollered that they needed their kids to go back to school because they weren't learning to function socially. Then when schools came back, they screamed and hollered that schools were teaching their kids how to function socially in today's society, both by making them aware of the existence of LGBTQ+ people and racism, and by employing Social Emotional Learning to teach them empathy and communication skills.

And now, a grizzled Kirk Cameron is announcing that public schools are "Public Enemy #1" and encouraging parents to homeschool their kids instead, in order to protect them from the scary, all too sexy liberal agenda of "people exist and you should not be shitty to them."

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MTG Oddly Familiar With Satan's Conversations With Prospective Abortion-Havers

She's got the whole script down.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been talking an awful lot about Satan lately. Earlier this week she was on about how the Prince of Darkness is in charge of the Catholic Church, which is actually a whole ass thing for certain evangelicals, who believe the Pope is the antichrist and that Catholics are bad for helping the poor instead of just declaring Jesus Christ as their personal savior. In that same interview, Green also told the deeply wacky traditionalist Catholic Michael Voris of all about how women get abortions because Satan tells them to.

Oddly enough, Greene was very clear on what, precisely, Satan says to these women to convince them to have abortions.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Asks Who's Running The Catholics, Could It Be Satan?

There's a golden oldie!

This week Marjorie Taylor Greene got out her Crazy Eyes Dartboard and her Glock — because darts are for commies 'n' queers — and put a hole in the wall behind "Catholicism." Allegedly. The Georgia congresswoman would be picking a fight with The Catholics for the sin of welcoming the stranger. Not allegedly.

It started when she sat down for an interview with Michael Voris on Church Militant, his site for dissident Catholics who think that the purpose of religion is to wage culture war on behalf of conservatives. In 2020, Voris put out a video calling Archbishop Wilton Gregory, the first Black leader of the Archdiocese of Washington, an “accused homosexual,” a “Marxist” and an “African Queen" after the Archbishop rebuked Donald Trump for teargassing protestors so he could molest a bible for a photo op. So naturally our Marge had to get on camera with him.

Right Wing Watch flagged the video in which Greene explained how true Christians know there's no room at the inn, no, not even in the manger. There's a longer clip on RWW's site, if you're feeling masochistic today.

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