Texas Parents Shocked Kids Came Back From Jesus Camp With COVID-19

We hate to use the term 'asking for it,' but ...

As the country was in the midst of a pandemic, and as cases in Texas in particular were surging up to nearly 10,000 cases a day, dozens of parents across the state sent their children to sleepaway camp at Keller's Keystone Church in Hill County.

It did not end well.

Many of the campers came home from the July 6-10 session with COVID-19 and are now very, very sick, and their parents are very, very unhappy. A camper on the first day was revealed to have been exposed to the virus through a family member and was sent home later that day, later testing positive. The church assumed it was in the clear, but that camper had already been around several other campers and passed it along. They did send out an email to parents at some point during the week notifying them that the camper had been sent home.

That was when parent Stephanie Brady started checking in on the camp's social media, and did not like what she was seeing.

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joe biden

Why Hasn't President Joe Biden Prevented This Non-Existent Ban On Communion In Toronto Churches?

Laura Ingraham is just asking questions.

Laura Ingraham is outraged. Absolutely outraged. Yesterday, she read an article on the very reliable and fact-based site Big League Politics reporting that Catholic churches in Toronto were not allowed to do communion anymore. That "politicians" had used COVID-19 a ruse in their never-ending war on Christianity, in order to make it impossible for people to receive communion, thereby possibly condemning them to hell for all eternity.

And Laura Ingraham knew just what politician was responsible for this — President of Canada, Joseph Sassafras Danger Yasmine Bleeth Biden.

She could barely comprehend the horror. Who but lifelong Catholic Joelicious Butterscotch Biden would allow such an egregious assault on religious liberty? And why? Why, oh why, was he doing this to poor Toronto Catholics, right here in the United States of Canad ... erica? What would be next? Would he ban other religions from doing religious things? Like say if there were a religion in which people licked each other's faces in greeting, would he ban that too? Just because there is a pandemic happening? Just so ... what? A few people don't die?

Via Big League Politics:

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Cops Behaving Badly

Fired North Carolina Cop Explains That His Super Racist Comments Were Actually His Religious Beliefs

Well that's certainly a familiar refrain.

James "Brian" Gilmore, one of the officers fired from the Wilmington, North Carolina police force this June for making some absurdly racist statements about the Black Lives Matter protests, is claiming that the racist things he was recorded saying were not in fact racist, but rather an expression of his religious beliefs.


In a letter written to the Wilmington Civil Service Board, Gilmore explained that he believes he should not have been fired, because his comments were not motivated by racism, but rather by his personal religious beliefs about idolatry. His concern, he explains, was that people he did not know in videos he saw on the internet were violating the tenets of his religion by "worshiping" black people. The letter did not mention the statements from the other officers, which included such gems as "we are just going to go out and start slaughtering them (racial slurs)."

Below are the comments that got Gilmore canned, via Port City Daily:

Gilmore, who had parked beside [Piner's] patrol car, said the department was only concerned with "kneeling down with the black folks," according to a report summarizing the internal investigation in explicit detail. During a May 31 protest that resulted in multiple rounds of tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets fired almost entirely by deputies from the New Hanover and Brunswick Sheriff's offices, WPD officers were applauded for kneeling with protestors.

Gilmore then said he watched a video posted on social media showing white people bowing down on their knees and "worshipping blacks."

"How many times have I told you it's almost like they think they're their own god?" Gilmore asks Piner.
He then tells Piner about another video he had seen where a "fine-looking white girl and this punk little pretty boy bowing down and kissing their toes."
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Supreme Court Lets Its Jesus Freak Flag Fly

But which Christian denomination should be the state religion?

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court gave two big wins to people who seek to discriminate against others and blame it on their religion.

In two 7-2 rulings (yes, you read that right, NOT COOL BREYER AND KAGAN), the Court gave its blessing to legalized discrimination in the name of religion. In Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania, SCOTUS gave the green light to employers to strip their employees of birth control coverage for "religious" and "moral" reasons. And in Our Lady of Guadalupe v. Morrissey-Berru, it gave religious schools the right to discriminate against basically any of their teachers, at any time, for any reason.

So that's fun!

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