Merry Christmas, Youngs! You Killed God.

Hope you're happy with yourselves.

Splendid news, everyone! Or terrible news, everyone! You know, depending on your perspective. This story came out in the Christian Post last week, so technically it's old news, but we figured all y'all have probably been playing hooky from your Christian Post reading for ... ever ... so it's new news for you.

Anyway, in honor of Christmas, we regret/are thrilled to inform you that the most common category of religious belief among American youngs is now "nope." Indeed, according to the American Enterprise Institute's new study from its Survey Center on American Life, the most common religious affiliation among those 18-29 in America is "none."

YOU DID IT, KIDS! YOU KILLED GOD! Or at least 34 percent of the youngs, who picked "none."

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Well This Is Just A Swell Time For Trump To Cut Healthcare Funds To California Over Abortion

Did you know there is a pandemic? Because there's a pandemic.

Hey! I don't know if you've noticed or not, but there's like a whole pandemic happening. It's been going on for practically a year now. One of the things people definitely need, in the middle of a pandemic, is healthcare. Not only do individuals need healthcare for themselves, they also need other people to have healthcare. Because there's a virus and we don't want the virus to spread. We want people to get treated for the virus and also to get the vaccine, so we can all go back to sorta normal.

Now, sure, that could be said for healthcare in general — that we actually all benefit from everyone having it, even when there isn't a pandemic, because we live in a society — but let's not start a riot here.

California is having a difficult time. It's had more cases of COVID-19 than any other state in the country, and trails only New York and Texas in total deaths. In fact, just two days ago, the state confirmed more than 61,000 cases in a single day.

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Right Wing Extremism

Proud Boys Attack Black Churches, Burn BLM Banners, Cops Think It Just Might Be A Hate Crime

Church leaders have compared the attacks to cross burnings. Which is accurate.

If there is anything the Right loves, it is churches and religion — by which they mean Christian churches and the Christian religion. They are always trying to save America from us godless liberals who won't let them say Merry Christmas, ever, and they are always standing up for the rights of religious people to use their religion to justify discriminating against other people. Conveniently, it seems as though the Bible can be used to justify just about anything — but mostly discrimination. Especially as it concerns cake, slavery or other people's bodies.

The one thing they will not defend, however, are those who use their religion to fight discrimination rather than embrace it. Because that's just wrong.

This weekend, during the big MAGA March To Continue Pretending Donald Trump Won The Election, there was no small amount of violence, mostly related to the Proud Boys. There were four stabbings — though it's not clear who got stabbed, counter-protesters or Proud Boys — and at least one reported gunshot. Thirty-three people were arrested.

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