Relive The Memories, At Hooters


  • August is rapidly deteriorating into September, which means soon there will be no more summer interns to brighten your day, with intern sunshine. Heavens, we'll miss their shenanigans -- who will be here to jam the ATM machines, with red intern badges? Yes, we'll always cherish the laughs. The tears. The memories that will require massive therapy ... Oh heck, one more can't hurt! [Spotted: DC Summer Interns]

  • Surprise, surprise! Hooters treats its waitresses like bordello-slaves (but at least bordello-slaves are unionized.) [Washington Examiner]

  • The DCist is just a front. For the Stasi. [DCist]

  • What sort of terrible things have the throbbing penises of DC done this week? Oh, just a friendly "what color is your crotch hair?" query. Well. Carry on, then. [Holla Back DC]

  • Hooray! No (White) Child Left Behind is working! (Lots of sanctions for low income minority-people schools.) [Washington Examiner]


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