Reluctantly Weighing in on Veepstakes

gephardt_lifelineWe normally don't even try to involve ourselves in "real" political stories. We're happy to let Mike, Jeff, Nedra, et. al. do all the work while we sit in the corner and play with John Kerry's penis. But it falls to us to point out that there is no way Gephardt can be Kerry's veep pick. Sure, the Browless Wonder is the odds-on favorite at (5-to-1) and has him ticking up 5 points. . . but his daughter is running for pretend president on a reality television show.

While it might actually help Kerry to embrace so explicitly the degradation of American culture (works for us), and Chrissy's ambition could be interpreted as a video version of the apple falling very close to the tree -- kind of like the Bush twins appearing on "Girls Gone Wild" -- we don't think the Kerry people will see it that way. Then again, Kerry did let his daughter parade around with her ta-tas hanging out for the whole world to see, so who knows what crazy shit he's capable of.

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