Bill Nye, Enemy of the State? []

Flaming heterosexual Mike S. Adams celebrates the ejaculatory velocity of his pussy-destroying manifestos: "When I run an article criticizing feminists for marching across campus chanting 'Vagina' and selling sex-organ shaped lollipops to students, it is sent out to hundred of thousands of readers by midnight." []

Time for Bush to privatize his Social Security tour? David Sirota looks at the numbers. []

Cavuto's big scoop: Pope kind of pro-war? [Newshounds]

Recognizing that healthcare should be faster and cheaper, with hipper commercials, Steve Case envisions putting more clinics in Target stores. []

We're a day late here, but we thought you should know this: "A book that explains how two great politicians, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and one groundbreaking company, the fast-growing restaurant chain Applebee's Inc., used similar tactics to thrive in an era of immense changes, has been acquired by Simon & Schuster, it was announced today."


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