Remainders: All Abuse Edition

The official list of approved prisoner poses: "Once. . .construction of Abu Ghraib Dentention Facility giant chessboard is completed, naked prisoners should be posed as if playing game of chess." [Bunsen]

Warblogger Suicide Watch: "When warbloggers start sneering at John McCain (his name is what our trained professionals call a 'trigger'), you know it's an advanced stage of suicidal depression." [Big, Left, Outside]

A catalogue of excuse abuses. We like: "Blame Quentin Tarantino. . . 'Cruelty, Tarantino tells us, can be fun.'" Now, if could only get Tarantino to resign. [Slate]

Forgot one. "When you mix young people who grew up on a steady diet of MTV and pornography with a prison environment, you get the abuse at Abu Ghraib." [FRC via]

Psyops. "The argument that [Zarqawi] is Islamism's biggest lunatic yet—no small claim—is similarly straightforward: He has inaugurated an otherwise inconceivable display of comparative atrocity that could deliver his enemy from its own demoralization." [Reason]


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