• At 9:30 tonight, after roughly your 8th beer, the US will have been in Iraq longer than it was in WWII. This is because the Nazis were total pussies. [Ironing The Flag]

  • President Bush's high school report card shows an eager, if unfocused young learner. [McSweeney's]

  • More fuel for the debate on whether life in Washington imitates The West Wing or whether The West Wing imitates life. [Blog DC]

  • Michael Fitzpatrick (R-PA) has a staffer crash a conference call to pepper his opponent with petty challenges - good thing John Kerry likes watching a campaign implode as much as the next guy. [Fact-esque]

  • Air America is still on the air in America, you just have to have America's most powerful radio to hear it. [WFMU]

  • Fox News lets no paranoid conspiracy theory go unreported. [YouTube]

  • West Virginia: so shitty even penniless immigrants from the third world won't live there. [MSNBC]

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