Ringing endorsements for Harriet Miers you may have missed: "She wasn't a leader and wasn't furniture. . . She was in between." [NYT]

"Expecting anyone to journey to the seat of national power and deliver a Mr. Smith-like blow for the sanctity of scouting and motherhood is a bit like wanting the final act of a musical to be all gun battles and explosions: It's what the critics call a genre error." [Washington Monthly]

The State Department gets out its thesaurus: "This is a confederacy of evil that will stop at nothing to advance its radical agenda." [AP]

Butterstick bites! [WP]

More ringing endorsements of Harriet Miers you may have missed: "'What is your impression of her?,' the reporter then asked, a follow-up Scalia deflected with ease: 'Never having met her, I have no impression of her.'" [NYP]

American Girl-on-Girl? [Feministing]

"When the questioning turned to Miers, Bush blinked 37 times in a single answer -- along with a lick of the lips, three weight shifts and some serious foot jiggling." [WP]


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