Remainders: Beginning of the End Edition

BookNotes slams shut. Says Lamb, "When you add it all up, I've committed about 1.8 years of my life to reading books for the series." Hey, enough with vague obsfucations! Why, really, Brian, why? [MultichannelNews]

Bush Cabinet: Hot or Not? Surprisingly "hot." Spencer Abraham: "We think it's that disarming grin of his. As if to say, 'Go ahead, ask me if I've jawboned OPEC today.'" [Hot Cabinet]

Honestly, we don't really understand this controversy, but it involves where a certain presidential candidate says he was twenty-plus years ago. It must be important! [Just One Minute]

Porter Goss: Has a porn star name and is seeking accessories to match. "Somebody sends me a blue dress and some DNA, I'll have an investigation." [Herald Tribune]


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