Remainders: Conservatives and Language Edition

Fox News ratings are down 7 percent, and there's really only one explanation: No news is good news. "Last week was a bad week for the Bush administration. . . I think a lot of conservatives stopped watching." [Me and Ted via CableNewswer]

Moral relativism comes in handy: "[G]ay couples in Massachusetts may legally marry. Our more conservative readers might find this outrageous, but don't forget: Saddam Hussein was much worse." [Hit and Run]

"We declared war on terror. We declared war on terror—it’s not even a noun, so, good luck. After we defeat it, I’m sure we’ll take on that bastard ennui." Jon Stewart's commencement address. [William & Mary]

It's the question on everyone's lips: Richard Brookhiser asks, "Does Andrew Sullivan also favor phrenological tests for train conductors?" [The Corner]

Things we forgot to care about, #437: "[T]he current abuse of redaction is pissing me off." [Bad Things]


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