Remainders: Despite John Kerry's Big Head he's still a Minuteman Edition

Vanessa Kerry: "Dad apparently has the world's largest head." And it's not what you were thinking! [NYTimes]

Reason's Nick Gillespie: "On the big issues, Kerry and Bush are more alike than different..." Uh-huh. [Reason]

Moore to bring cameras to FL Election [DemocracyNow]

Emily's List: "...women are swing voters who are looking for a little meat from Kerry..." [Washington Wispers, 6th item]

O'Reilly will consider equal rights for ass-fuckers [TowleRoad]

Apparently, trial lawyers can be Republicans, too! [The Rob Log]

Kerry's secret career in Entertainment [AllahPundit]

Conventioneers give Milan a run for its money...not! [NewYorkish]

"Minuteman" is not Teresa's code-name for the would-be POTUS. [PoliticalWire]


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