* Yes, tipsters, we know all about how Jessica Cutler's most famous sperm donor was in town, sporting a new "salt and pepper" beard, discussing something really boring, and, no, we don't know if he'll be out this weekend prowling for poontang and how much he's willing to pay. Why not go get this sort of information from Jessica? I'm sure she'll have something on her blog once she spits out this afternoon's dicks. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

* Matthew McConaughey slowly brings a Dubai-crazed nation back to a state of blunted serenity. [What Would J. Crew Do?]--NOW UPDATED!

* Our sports obsessed brother sends us an image that might make the MLB despair. We return the favor to our fellow Cardinals fanatic: Look close, Will--"Rock, Chalk, God Hates Gayhawks!" [Deadspin]

* Laugh your ass off at "Flickr: The Movie" [Screenhead, tip from Lindsayism]


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