Remainders: Falling for It Edition

Vices of the campaign staffs: BC04 twirls cigars, KE04 takes their vodka neat. [Newsweek]

Possible Kerry talking points: "...and after the looks I got in the debate, now I know how our allies must feel... what with being constantly sneered at every time I say something that contradicts his little fantasy world of spin." [Kerry's Karl Rove]

Michael Moore: Not falling for fake documents like some other journalists we could name. [The Washington Note]

David Brooks, Java programmer? "red | blue (pronounced 'red or blue') is a free Java™ app that figures out where you stand, or perhaps more accurately, where you are standing in our politically polarized country." [red | blue via Last Call!]

BC04 spin strategy, a.k.a. "These are not the droids you're looking for." [low culture]


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