Remainders: Flip Your Collar Up Edition

Votester: Distributed network campaigning. Would be better if it was more Friendster and allowed you to trade votes for sex. [Votester]

Gang of 499: "How out of touch do you have to be to grimly imagine Lauriol Plaza--the great, three-story wall of conspicuous consumer spending, that gaudy temple to trendy, see-and-be-seen dining--as the watering hole of La Resistance?" [The DCiever]

Because everyone loves Hardblogger so much: Lost Remote suggests that "EVERY REPORTER BLOG. . . I want to know their background, biases, what they had for breakfast, etc." [Lost Remote]

Newsflash: "Grunge" is out, according to the NYT. Goodbye, sloppy liberal decadence. Hello, Alex P. Keaton: "It's all about responsibility this season." (That'll last! Catch you on the flippity-flop!) [NYT]

Speaking of preppy: Members of Horace Mann's a cappella choir welcome the RNC to NYC. [Fuck New York]


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