Remainders: Foreign Affairs

"You have an initial! I have an initial!" Gawker imagines what P. Diddy and W. might have to talk about. [Gawker]

To the person that broke into her car: "First, could you let me know if my car alarm went off? ... If the alarm did not go off, did any of the 12 that sit in their police cars outside the station talking seem to notice the glass shattering throughout my vehicle?" [Craigslist]

Gallup poll on "Arnold Amendment" suggests Americans only like the idea of a foreign-born president if he's fucking a Kennedy. [Gallup]

A desire for truth in advertising: "Assuming Paula Zahn won't really stop by my desk—preferably in one of those fetching, neutral-tone skirt suits—what can offer that can't?" [Slate]


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