Remainders: Hail Mary

Libertine media bias: "In one sense only, and that is his vacation spot is in Nantucket and in Idaho, and it's not in Waco" -- Washington Post's Dana Milbank, asked if he wants Kerry to win. [CNN via Hotline's Last Call]

Dogs and cats, sleeping together: "As scary as it may be, on the Nader campaign trail, the LaRouchies are the voice of reason." [TNR]

The new BC04 attack ad. [Air America]

"He loves too much? Lips move when reading? Adult-onset backne? Doesn't like cats? Cannot—simply can not—change printer toner?" Low Culture speculates on Bush's "biggest problem." [Low Culture]

Musto: Kerry has "even suggested that God made gay people, which is weird since the church feels gays are sinners. ('I invent you... and I pity you,' God must have said at that beautiful moment of creation.)" [VV via Gawker]


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