Remainders: Happy Warrior Edition

please wipe Your average NY Magazine reader will probably use this as an exfoliant (scratchy!), but it's so cute when they pretend to care about politics: "Give Bush the Boot" doormat [NYM]

Progressive Review asks statisticians to figure the odds of two Skull and Bones members running against each other for president. Responses vary: From "[A]bout one chance in 59,211,111,111" to "Apparently 100%." [Progressive Review]

Edwards's "coatless girl" has a dad: "[H]er father's not been able to find steady work since he lost his job when the factory closed." [NYT and LAT]

Mary Cheney is missing: "Silent since her father endorsed anti-gay constitutional amendment making her and millions of Americans second-class citizens." [Dear Mary]

Blogging the President, circa 1928: "John Kirk (allegedly a private dick) has been caught red-handed selling tickets to a bogus "Grand United Ball," while promising purchasers that half the proceeds would go to a "secret fund to aid Governor Smith." [Al Smith for President]


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