Remainders: "Hey, Buff Guy. What Are You Benching?" Edition

Public opinion helps to measure the extent to which a turd can be polished. [Sploid]

Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown's been known to get off on the wrong foot with some of his constituents, but we'll leave it to you to decide: When Brown says, "That is what happens when you come to a place like this," and, "What do you want us to do when you people come to a place like this?"--is he being glibly racist, or is he simply decrying a place that attracts the sort of people who stand around grandstanding with their cameraphone as their best friend bleeds out on the sidewalk? [SFGate]

The strangely touching courtship of President Bush and Jack Abramoff [It's Recess-Time Somewhere]

The world's largest collection of photos featuring a big dick posing with a big check. [Attytood]


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