Remainders: Hippie-Kicker Edition

RNC mystery hippie-kicker -- Dr. Laura, Jr.? [Jesus' General]

Clinton's Big Mac Attack gives news orgs a peg to pump "The Boomer Coalition." Because no one pays enough attention to them already. (Where are the hippie-kickers when you really need them?) [Boomer Coalition]

"Gore kept an open laptop at hand as we ate. (He and Tipper have matching Apple G4s. 'What did you expect?' she said. 'I live with the man who invented the Internet.')" [New Yorker]

"I served drinks alongside George W." [Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth]

Speculations on further Kitty Kelley revelations: "And then there is the chapter devoted to George Bush's lost years in the National Guard, and his special bunkmate, who knew the ingredients of a great rubdown." []


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