Remainders: I Am So Out of Here

Jenna Bush's beau, Henry Hager, is a tobacco heir. Of course he is: He's from Virginia and he's white. And he's a Republican. It's just surprising that his name isn't actually "Tobacco Heir." Though we would not rule that name out for any Hager-Bush offspring. [Word O'Crap]

Will the State of the Union last past Bush's bed time? Dana Hork's predictions. [Dana Hork]

Hey, look, a pundit is mocking the Armstrong Williams thing by offering their own services for sale. Funny and original! [eBay]

Michael Moore is my secret lover and other reasons you should believe everything you read on blogs. [Bloggers and Me]

Doctor warns of killer "Berry thumb." Though actually, Berry's cause much more damage to your pride and ability to seem cool than your thumb. [BBC]


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