Remainders: Justice Scalia Thinks You're an Idiot (But Did You Go Hunting with Dick Cheney?)

* Justice Scalia: "[Y]ou would have to be an idiot to believe [in a living Constitution]." [Think Progress]

* "Justice Scalia should shut up and consider himself lucky to be alive, having gone hunting with Dick Cheney." [CNN "Situation Room" correspondent]

* Is Justice Scalia a member of Deadeye Dick's Gun Club? Has he bought an official T-shirt? [Dick Cheney Gun Club; The White House Officious Gift Shop]

* Late-night comics had a lot to say about the Dick Cheney hunting accident. []

* In happier news: Scalia pal Ted Olson, former Solicitor General of the United States (and widower of the late Barbara Olson), is engaged to Lady Evelyn Booth. [Washingtonian]


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