"Okay, Matt Santos. If the West Wing is on TV in four years, and you haven’t improved fake education, I will not vote for you." [EW]

Inflation touches us all:"If I don't get a Cartier 'Love' Bracelet from my boyfriend this Christmas, it's over." -- Jessica Cutler [Capitol File, via Last Call!sub. req.]

Maury Povitch and Connie Chung: LAFF RIOT! So says MSNBC: "A review of the week's news that will fuse elements of 'Meet the Press,' the defunct 'Crossfire' and 'The Daily Show.'" Where's my "Current Affair"? [NYT]

"Welch's Grape Juice does not provide protection against the avian flu." And you're saying the salt over my shoulder doesn't work either? [Welchs.com via Tarastotle.com]

Why bloggers hate the MSM: "Bloggers got stood up at prom. By the MSM." [McSweeney's]

I do care about the Virginia gubernatorial campaign, I do. As long the the Dems win. [Powerline]

"Do I Make You Look Stupid?" Feminist t-shirt slogans needed. We like: "You would not get my sitcom references." [The Countness]


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